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3. How many subscribers (not hits) did you have last week? ANSWER ___
How many do you need a week to build your email list to 100, and then 1000?

My seven figure mentor used to always say to me:
"Your marketing doesn't even BEGIN until they are on your list." Alan Cosens.

Building your own splash pages is crucial to success.
Not only does it help you gain more subscribers when you get good at it
but it also helps you to build a reputation and a name for yourself.
Learn to build your own splash pages using the PMS splash page maker:
 to "Training Course" Tab, and then scroll down to "Splash Page Success" Tab.
Or go

Got a hang at making pages? Here's some tips for you:
How to get more subscribers? Go 

Get back with your coach if you don't know
or are not confident about your answers...

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